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ITC4 Program

IP-EUROTRANS Internal Training Course ITC4: "Particle Accelerator technology"

Mol, Belgium, 10th -11th May 2007 - Organized by: Prof. em. Dr. Horst Klein



Thursday 10th May - Lectures session

08:30 Welcome (H. Klein, IAP Frankfurt and M. Giot, ENEN)

09:00 The physics of ion sources (J. Arianer, IPN Orsay)

11:00 Basic concepts of transverse particle dynamics with numerical examples (J.L. Biarrotte, IPN Orsay)

13:30 Fundamentals of RF-superconductivity (H. Podlech, IAP Frankfurt)

15:00 Superconductive RF technology (P. Pierini, INFN Milano)


Friday 11th May - Students session

08:30 Design of a Fast Chopper System for High Intensity Applications (C. Wiesner, IAP Frankfurt)

09:00 Introduction to RFQ and 4-rod CW RFQ for protons and deuterons (P. Fischer, IAP Frankfurt)

09:30 Front End Linac Design (C. Zhang, IAP Frankfurt)

10:00 Experimental and numerical evaluation of gasket behaviour in SC structures (N. Panzeri, INFN Milano)

11:00 Development of technologies for reliable SPOKE cryomodules (L. Lukovac, IPN Orsay)

11:30 Double-spoke SC cavity development for the EURISOL driver (A. Ponton, IPN Orsay)

13:00 Design of the superconducting 350 MHz CH-prototype cavity (H. Liebermann, IAP Frankfurt)

13:30 CH-Model Development for High Power Applications (M. Busch, IAP Frankfurt)

14:00 ILC cryomodules design in comparison with EUROTRANS modules (S. Barbanotti, INFN Milano)

14:30 Conclusions (H. Klein, IAP Frankfurt)

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