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Title Description
File A new Wire Position Monitor readout system for ILC cryomodules 2007 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium Conference Record
File Current Cryomodules and Changes for ILC C. Pagani, presented at the 2005 ILC Physics and Detector Workshop in Snowmass, August 14-27, 2005
File Cryostats and Cryomodules: Design Choices and Implications P. Pierini, presented at the SPL Meeting at CERN, 20 July 2005
File The Wire Position Monitor (WPM) as a Sensor for Mechanical Vibration for the TTF Cryomodules SRF05
File Mechanical Vibration Measurement on TTF Cryomodules (using WPMs as Detectors) A. Bosotti, Contributed oral presented to the PAC2005 in Knoxville, 16-20 May 2005
File Mechanical Vibration Measurements on the TTF Cryomodules PAC05
File Analysis of the Cold Mass Displacements at the TTF EPAC04
File INFN - LASA Activity for TTF/TESLA A. Bosotti, presented at the TESLA Collaboration Meeting in DESY Zeuthen, 21-23 January 2004
File Contributi e attività di Milano in TTF/TESLA P. Michelato, presented at the Workshop "Fisica e tecnologia degli acceleratori e tecniche correlate" in Capri, 2-4 June 2003
File Laboratory Report: INFN Milano - LASA D. Sertore, presented at the TESLA Collaboration Meeting in Frascati, 26-28 May 2003
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