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Photocathode: Publications & Presentations

Papers related to photocathode R&D

Title Description
File Photocathode Activities at INFN LASA IPAC2019
File R&D Activity on Alkali-Antimonied Photocathodes IPAC2018
File Update on the Lifetime of Cs2Te Cathodes Operated at the FLASH Facility FEL2017
File APEX Phase-II Commisioning Results at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory IPAC2016
File PPP12-INFN_Milano-1.pdf D. Sertore, presented at the Photocathode Physics for Photoinjectors, in Cornell University, October 8-10, 2012
File Photocathodes at FLASH IPAC2012
File Optimization of Transverse Projected Emittance at the Photo-Injector Test Facility at DESY, Location Zeuthen NIMA 671 (2012) 62-75
File News on Cathodes from INFN L. Monaco, presented at the PITZ Collaboration meeting, in Zeuthen, October 27-28, 2011
File Use of NEG Pumps to Ensure Long Term Performances of High Quantum Efficiency Photocathodes IPAC11
File Photocathodes at FLASH FEL2011
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