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Papers Published in 2019

  1. GeV-Class Two-Fold CW Linac Driven by an Arc-Compressor, instruments, MDPI, Oct 2019
  2. BriXs Ultra High Flux Inverse Compton Source Based on Modified Push-Pull Energy Recovery Linacs, instruments, MDPI, Sep 2019
  3. Status of Compact Inverse Compton Sources in Italy: BriXS and STAR, Advances in Laboratory-based X-Ray Sources, Optics, and Applications VII, SPIE Optical Engineering + Applications, 11-15 August 2019, Proc. Vol 11110
  4. Growing and Characterization of Cs2Te Photocathodes with Different Thicknesses at INFN LASA, FEL2019
  5. Update on the Photocathode LIfetime at FLASH and European XFEL, FEL2019
  6. Development of a Multialakali Antimonide Photocathode at INFN LASA, FEL2019
  7. Test of Cs2Te Thickness on Cathode Performance at PITZ, FEL2019
  8. Surface Treatments for the Series Production of ESS Medium Beta Cavities, SRF2019
  9. Electropolishing of PIP-II Low Beta Cavity Prototypes, SRF2019
  10. ESS Medium Beta Activity at INFN LASA, SRF2019
  11. INFN-LASA for the PIP-II Project, SRF2019
  12. Upgrade on the Experimental Activities for ESS at the LASA Vertical Test Facility, SRF2019
  13. The ESS Database for Elliptical Cavities, SRF2019
  14. Vertical Test of ESS Medium Beta Cavities, IPAC2019
  15. Status of the PIP-II Activities at INFN-LASA, IPAC2019
  16. Status of the Medium Beta Cavities at INFN - LASA, IPAC2019
  17. LASA Activities on Surface Treatment of Low-Beta Ellirtical Cavities, IPAC2019
  18. Photocathode Activities at INFN LASA, IPAC2019
  19. Tests at High RF Power of the ESS Medium Beta Cryomodule Demonstrator, IPAC2019
  20. Marix, an Advanced MHz-class Repetition Rate X-ray Source for Linear Regime Time-resolved Spectroscopy and Photon Scattering, NIM A 930 (2019) 167-172
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