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Papers Published in 2016

  1. Performance Analysis of the European XFEL SRF Cavities, from Vertical Test to Operation in Modules, LINAC2016
  2. Production of Superconducting 1.3-GHz Cavities for the European X-ray Free Electron Laser, PRSTAB 19, 092001 (2016)
  3. ESS Medium and High Beta Cavity Prototypes, IPAC2016
  4. APEX Phase-II Commisioning Results at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, IPAC2016
  5. Update on Third Harmonic XFEL Activities at INFN LASA, IPAC2016
  6. Defect Detection Inside Superconducting 1.3 GHz Cavities by means of X-Ray Fluorescence Sepctroscopy, Rev. Scie. Instrum. 87, 013103 (2016)
  7. Characterization of Sputter-Ion Pumps to be Used in Combination with Non-Evaporable Getters, Vacuum 123 (2016) 23-28
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