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Papers Published in 2015

  1. Influence of the Cathode Materials on the Sorption of Noble Gases by Sputter-Ion Pumps, Vacuum 122 (2015) 218-221
  2. Overview of Recent Tuner Development on Elliptical and Low-Beta Cavities, SRF2015
  3. Fabrication of the 3.9 GHz SRF Structures for the European XFEL, SRF2015
  4. INFN Milano - LASA Activities for ESS, SRF2015
  5. Improvements of Buildcavity Code, SRF2015
  6. HOM Calculations for Different Cavities and Beam Induced HOM Power Analysis of ESS, SRF2015
  7. Connection of EU-XFEL Cryomodules, Caps, Boxes in EU-XFEL Main Linac and Injector: Welding of Cryo-Pipes and Assembly of Beam-Line Absorbers Under Requirements of PED Regulation, SRF2015
  8. String Assembly for the EU-XFEL 3.9 GHz Module at DESY, SRF2015
  9. Development of an X-Ray Fluorescence Probe for Inner Cavity Inspection, SRF2015
  10. Preparation of the 3.9 GHz System for the European XFEL Injector Commissioning, SRF2015
  11. Study of the Evolution of Artificial Defects on the Surface of Niobium During Electrochemical and Chemical Polishing, SRF2015
  12. Comments on Electropolishing at Ettore Zanon SpA at the End of EXFEL Production, SRF2015
  13. Inspection and Repair Techniques for the EXFEL Superconducting 1.3 GHz Cavities at Ettore Zanon S.p.A: Methods and Results, SRF2015
  14. Update and Status of Vertical Test Results of the European XFEL Series Cavities, SRF2015
  15. Analysis of the Test Rate for European XFEL Series Cavities, SRF2015
  16. Vertical Tests of XFEL 3rd Harmonic Cavities, SRF2015
  17. Horizontal RF Test of a Fully Equipped 3.9 GHz Cavity for the European XFEL in the DESY AMTF, SRF2015
  18. Growth of Microscopic Cones on Titanium Cathodes of Sputter-Ion Pumps Driven by Sorption of Large Argon Quantities, J. Vac. Sci. Technol. A 33(5), Sep/Oct 2015
  19. Superconducting cavity material for the European XFEL, Supercond. Sci. Technol. 28, 085014 (2015)
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