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Papers Published in 2014

  1. Commissioning of the MAX 700 MHz Test Stand, LINAC2014
  2. Analysis of the RF Test Results from the On-Going Cavity Production for the European XFEL, LINAC14
  3. Mechanical Analysis of the XFEL 3.9 GHz Cavities in Support of PED Qualification, IPAC2014
  4. Status of the Fabrication of the XFEL 3.9 GHz Cavity Series, IPAC2014
  5. Status of the Vertical Testing of the XFEL Third Harmonic Cavity Series, IPAC2014
  6. IRIDE: Interdisciplinary Research Infrastructure Based on Dual Electron Linacs and Lasers, NIM A 740 (2014) 138-146
  7. Use of non Evaporable Getter Pumps to Ensure Long Term Performances of High Quantum Efficiency Photocathodes, J. Vac. Sci. Technol. A 32, 031602 (2014)
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