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Papers published in 2008

  1. Status of the 3rd harmonic systems for FLASH and XFEL in summer 2008, LINAC08
  2. Third harmonic superconducting cavity prototypes for the XFEL, LINAC08
  3. Successful qualification of the coaxial blade tuner, LINAC08
  4. New experimental results from PITZ, LINAC08
  5. Cathode issues at the FLASH photoinjector, FEL08
  6. Latest results at the upgraded PITZ facility, FEL08
  7. Status of FLASH, FEL08
  8. Photocathode Studies at FLASH, EPAC08
  9. Cs2Te Photocathodes robustness studies, EPAC08
  10. Design of the prototypical cryomudule for the EUROTRANS superconducting linac for nuclear waste transmutation, EPAC08
  11. Study of the high pressure rinsing water jet interactions, EPAC08
  12. Production and qualification of low thermal conduction suspension supports for the cold mass of long superconducting acceleration modules, EPAC08
  13. Full characterization of the piezo blade tuner for superconducting RF cavities, EPAC08
  14. The coaxial tuner for ILCTA_NML at Fermilab, EPAC08
  15. Design of a magnetic shield internal to the helium tank of SRF cavities, EPAC08
  16. High intensity and low emittance guns, EPAC08
  17. A control and systems theory approach to the high gradient cavity detuning compensation, EPAC08
  18. Thermal and structural modeling of the TTF cryomodule cooldown and comparison with experimental data, EPAC08
  19. Operation of FLASH at 6.5 nm Wavelength, EPAC08

INFN Reports

  1. Traction tests for the qualification of the TTF/ILC composite support posts, INFN/TC-08-01

Reports and notes published for EU-funded activities

  1. Report on the Fabrication of New Cavity, CARE-Report-2008-038-SRF
  2. The Coaxial Blade Tuner - Final Report and Evaluation of Operation, CARE-Report-2008-018-SRF
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