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Papers published in 2007

  1. A new Wire Position Monitor readout system for ILC cryomodules, 2007 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium Conference Record
  2. Piezo-assisted blade tuner: cold test results, SRF07
  3. Design of the magnetic shield for TRASCO low beta elliptical cavities, SRF07
  4. High pressure rinsing system studies, SRF07
  5. The prototype cryomodule for the EUROTRANS program, SRF07
  6. Vacuum Interface Analysis of Windowless Spallation Target for Accelerator-Driven Systems, Nuclear Science and Engineering 157, 95-109 (2007)
  7. XPS studies of Cs2Te photocathodes, FEL07
  8. Measurement of Static Force at Liquid Helium Temperature, Meas. Sci. Technol. 18 (2007) 2356-2364, IOP Publishing 2007
  9. FPGA-based control system for piezoelectric stacks used for SC cavity's fast tuner, PAC07
  10. Improved Design of the ILC Blade-Tuner for Large Scale Production, PAC07
  11. High QE Photocathodes Performance during Operation at FLASH/PITZ Photoinjectors, PAC07
  12. Conditioning of a New Gun Cavity Towards 60 MV/m at PITZ, PAC07
  13. A Study for the Characterization of High QE Photocathodes, PAC07
  14. High Pressure Rinsing System Comparison, PAC07
  15. Production of 325 MHz single spoke resonators at FNAL, PAC07
  16. A Novel Approach for Hardware Implementation of a Detuning Compensation Control System for SC Cavities, MIXDES07
  17. Operation of a free-electron laser from the extreme ultraviolet to the water window, Nature Photonics, vol 1, June 2007, 336-342
  18. The International Linear Collider, IFAE 2007
  19. The Accelerator Activities of the EUROTRANS Programme, APAC07
  20. Overview of Regional Infrastructures for SCRF Development, APAC07
  21. Comparative Analysis of Blade Tuner Optimization Options for the ILC, APAC07
  22. High Quantum Efficiency for RF Guns, APAC07
  23. Reliability Studies of a High-Power Proton Accelerator for Accelerator-Driven System Applications for Nuclear Waste Transmutation, Reliability Engineering and System Safety 92 (2007) 449-463

INFN Reports

  1. Note on Type 3 TTF Cryomodule, INFN/TC-07/06

Reports and notes published for EU-funded activities

  1. Improvements of the Photocathode Handling System, Del IA-SFS/JRA5/WP4-M6, EU Contract Number RII3-CT-2004-506008

Conceptual/Technical Design Reports of Accelerators

  1. International Linear Collider: Reference Design Report, ILC Global Design Effort and World Wide Study, August 2007
  2. The European X-Ray Free-Electron Laser: Technical Design Report, Editors: M. Altarelli et al., DESY 2006-097, Publisher: DESY XFEL Project Group, European XFEL Project Team, Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron, Member of the Helmholtz Association, ISBN 978-3-935702-17-1 , July 2007
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