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Papers published in 2005

  1. From TESLA to the International Linear Collider, Frontier Science 2005, New Frontiers in Subnuclear Physics, Milano Sep. 2005, Frascati Physics Series Vol. XL (2006), 199-206
  2. CARE activities on superconducting RF at INFN Milano, SPIE05
  3. The Injector of the VUV-FEL at DESY, FEL05
  4. First Lasing at 32 nm of the VUV-FEL at DESY, FEL05
  5. Status and First Results from the Upgraded PITZ Facility, FEL05
  6. Cold RF R&D, HEPP-EPS 2005
  7. Cryomodule Design, Assembly and Alignment, SRF05
  8. High Pressure Rinsing Parameters Measurements and Process Optimization, SRF05
  9. The Wire Position Monitor (WPM) as a Sensor for Mechanical Vibration for the TTF
    , SRF05
  10. The Fast Piezo Tuner for SCRF Resonators, SRF05
  11. Characterization of an Elliptical Low Beta Multicell Structure for Pulsed Operation, SRF05
  12. Experience with Remote Operations at the TTF VUV-FEL, WAO05
  13. Superconducting Proton Linac Development at CERN, HPSL 2005
  14. Design of a Multi-Cell, HOM Damped Superconducting Cavity for the Strong RF Focusing Experiment at DAFNE, PAC05
  15. Proposal of an Experiment on Bunch Length Modulation in DAFNE, PAC05
  16. Mechanical Vibration Measurements on the TTF Cryomodules, PAC05
  17. Improvement of the Blade Tuner Design for Superconducting RF Cavities, PAC05
  18. Emission Mechanism in a Photocathode RF Gun, PAC05
  19. Dark Current and Multipacting in the Photocathode RF Guns at PITZ, PAC05
  20. Recent Developments at PITZ, PAC05
  21. Review of the Production Process of the TTF and PITZ Photocathodes, PAC05
  22. Prototyping of a Multicell Superconducting Cavity for Acceleration of Medium-Velocity
    , PRST-AB 8, 042003 (2005)


Reports and notes published for EU-funded activities

  1. Report on Studies on Photocathode Performances, SFS Internal Note
  2. Improved Standard Cavity Fabrication, CARE Note-05-003-SRF
  3. Report on Fast Piezo Blade Tuner (UMI Tuner) for SCRF Resonators Design and
    , CARE-Note-2005-021-SRF
  4. PI Piezo Lifetime Test Report, CARE-Note-2005-020-SRF
  5. Report on Cavity A (TRASCO Z502) Fabrication and Tests, Care Note-2005-001-HIPPI
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