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Papers published in 2001

  1. Design considerations of 10 kW-scale, extreme ultraviolet SASE FEL for lithography, NIM A 475 (2001) 391-396
  2. Superconducting Prototype Cavities for the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) Project, SRF01
  3. Status of the Superstructure, SRF01
  4. High Power Tests of the Prototype 352 MHz BETA 0.85 Five Cell Cavity for the TRASCO Project, SRF01
  5. Status of the TRASCO Project, SRF01
  6. SRF Activities at INFN Milano - LASA, SRF01
  7. Design Criteria for Elliptical Cavities, SRF01
  8. Measurement with Beam of the Deflecting Higher Order Modes in the TTF Superconducting Cavities, PAC01
  9. Bunch Length Measurements at the TESLA Test Facility using a Streak Camera, PAC01
  10. Proposing a Laser Based Beam Size Monitor for the Future Linear Collider, PAC01
  11. Emittance Measurements at the TTF Photoinjector, PAC01
  12. Status of the High Energy SC Linac for the TRASCO Program, PAC01
  13. First Energy Spectra Obtained with a Time-Of-Flight (TOF) Electron Spectrometer on Cs2Te Photocatodes, PAC01
  14. Superconducting Prototype Cavities for the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) Project, PAC01
  15. Niobium Cavity Development for the High-Energy Linac of the Rare Isotope Accelerator, PAC01
  16. Studies of Photo-Emission and Field Emission in an RF Photo-Injector with a High Quantum Efficiency Photo-Cathode, PAC01
  17. Thermal Properties Measurements Using Laser Flash Technique at Cryogenic Temperature, PAC01
  18. The TESLA Cryogenic Accelerator Modules, HEACC2001, Int. Conf. on High Energy Accelerators, Tsukuba, March 2001

INFN Reports

  1. A Reliable Coaxial Feedthrough to avoid breakdown in vertical test facilities for SC cavity measurements, INFN/TC-01/05

Other Laboratory Reports

  1. A bg=0.472 Cavity for RIA - A Proposal, JLAB-TN-01-014
  2. An Improved Cavity Design for the CEBAF Upgrade, JLAB-TN-01-015

Conceptual/Technical Design Reports of Accelerators

  1. TESLA, The Superconducting Electron-Positron Linear Collider with an Integrated X-Ray Laser Laboratory, Technical Design Report, PART II: The Accelerator, Editors: R. Brinkmann, K. Flottmann, J. Rossbach, P. Schmuser, N. Walker, H. Weise, DESY 2001-011, ECFA 2001-209, TESLA Report 2001-23, TESLA-FEL 2991-05, March 2001
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