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Papers published in 1999

  1. Scientific Issues and Status of Franco-Italian Collaboration on the SC Linear Accelerator for ADS, Second Workshop on Utilization and Reliability of High Power Proton Accelerators, Aix-en-Provence, November 1999, OECD Report, ISBN: 978926417498 OECD Code: 662001151P1
  2. Production and Test of the Prototype b=0.85 Five Cell Cavity for the TRASCO Project, SRF99
  3. Nb Prototupe of the Superstructure for the TESLA Linear Collider, SRF99
  4. Review of Superconducting RF Technology for High-Power Proton Linacs, SRF99
  5. Beta Tunable 700 MHz Insert with Natural Convection Precooling, SRF99
  6. 704 MHz Superconducting Cavities for a High Intensity Proton Accelerator, SRF99
  7. Cavity Design Tools and Applications to the TRASCO Project, SRF99
  8. Advances in Cryomodule Design and New Approaches, SRF99
  9. Superconducting RF Activities at INFN Milano-LASA, SRF99
  10. Linear and nonlinear total-yield photoemission observed in the subpicosecond regime in Mo, PRB 60 vol 11 (1999) 8383-8387
  11. Running Experience with the Laser System for the RF Gun based Injector at the TESLA Test Facility Linac, FEL99, TESLA-FEL1999-07, 90-94
  12. Transverse Emittance Measurements in the TTF Injector, FEL99, TESLA-FEL1999-07, 86-87
  13. Measurement of Space Charge Effects and Laser Pulse Length in the TTF RF Gun using the Phase Scan Technique, FEL99, TESLA-FEL1999-07, 84-85
  14. High Quantum Efficiency Photocathode Preparation System for TTF Injector II, FEL99, TESLA-FEL1999-07, 39-42
  15. Determination of the Longitudinal Phase Space Distribution Produced with the TTF PhotoInjector, FEL99, TESLA-FEL1999-07, 25-29
  16. Non-linearity observed in the direct sub-ps photoemission regime in Mo, Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena 101-103 (1999) 665-669
  17. Superconducting Accelerators for Nuclear Waste Transmutation, Int.Conf. on App. Supercond. in Palm Spring (1998), publ. in IEEE Transaction on Applied Superconductivity, Vol. 9, n. 2, June 1999, 869
  18. Developments and Achievements at the TESLA Test Facility (TTF), Int.Conf. on App. Supercond. in Palm Spring (1998), publ. in IEEE Transaction on Applied Superconductivity, Vol. 9, n. 2, June 1999, 276-281
  19. An FEL based high-intensity gamma source at the TESLA Test Facility at DESY, NIM A 429 (1999) 476-480
  20. First Results of the Fermilab High-Brightness RF Photoinjector, PAC99
  21. A Multigrid-Based Beam Dynamics Code for High Current Proton Linac, PAC99
  22. Design considerations and analysis of potential applications of a high power ultraviolet FEL at the TESLA test facility at DESY, NIM A 423 (1999) 190-202
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