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Papers published in 1994

Note, this is a partial list, as not all publications are available anymore electronically. Surprised

  1. Short Wavelength FELs using the SLAC Linac, NIM A 347 (1994) 199-205
  2. Spectrum, Temporal Structure, and Fluctuations in a High-Gain Free-Electron Laser Starting from Noise, PRL 73 (1) (1994), 70-73
  3. Operational Experience of the K800 Cyclotron Vacuum System at L.N.S., EPAC94
  4. Short Wavelength FELs Using the SLAC Linac, EPAC94
  5. Multialkali Thin Photocathodes for High Brightness Guns, EPAC94
  6. Spectroscopic investigation of in situ prepared multialkali-based photocathodes, EPAC94
  7. Towards the acceleration of the first beam by the INFN superconducting cyclotron, EPAC94
  8. First operational experience with the RF system of the LNS superconducting cyclotron, EPAC94
  9. Multialkali Thin Photocathodes for High Brightness Guns, Proc. VI eme Journees d'Etudes sur la Photoemission a Fort Courant, Orsay, April 1994, LAL/RT 94-04, p. 67
  10. 3D Simulation of a Superradiant Harmonic Cascade in the XUV Region, NIM A 341 (1994) ABS 79-ABS 80
  11. The SLAC Soft X-Ray High Power FEL, NIM A 341 (1994) 326-330
  12. Slippage, Noise and Superradiant Effects in the UCLA FEL Experiment, NIM A 341 (1994) 285-288
  13. A Study of Linewidth, Noise and Fluctuations in a FEL Operating in SASE, NIM A 341 (1994) 181-185
  14. A Millimiter Wave FEL Driven by a Photocathode RF Linac, NIM A 341 (1994) 67-71
  15. Alkali Photocathode Development for Superconducting RF Guns, NIM A 340 (1994) 176-181
  16. High Brightness, Long Pulse, Electron Beam Production with SC Photo-Injectors, NIM A 340 (1994) 17-25
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