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Papers published in 1993

Note, this is a partial list, as not all publications are available anymore electronically.

  1. Short Wavelength FELs Using the SLAC Linac, Presented at 8th National Conference on Synchrotron Radiation Instrumentations, Gaithersburg, MD, August 23-26, 1993, SLAC-PUB-6339 SLAC/SSRL-0053/LBL 34557, August 1993
  2. The Groove Guide: a Non-Conventional Interaction Structure for Microwave FEL Experiments, PAC03
  3. The Revised ELFA Project, PAC93
  4. An RF-Linac, FEL Buncher, NIM A 329 (1993) 348-360

Other Laboratory Reports

  1. A Proposal to Contruct and Test Prototype Superconducting RF Structures for Linear Colliders, Report TESLA 93-01, March 1993
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