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Papers published in 1990

  1. Generation of XUV Light by Resonant Frequency Tripling in a Two-Wiggler FEL Amplifier, NIM A 296 (1990) 787-790
  2. Waveguide Effects in Superradiant Free-Electron Lasers, NIM A 296 (1990) 535-544
  3. The Superradiant Regime of a FEL: Analytical and Numerical Results, NIM A 296 (1990) 358-367
  4. A Modified Version of the ELFA Layout, NIM A 296 (1990) 205-208
  5. Physics of the High-Gain FEL and Superradiance, La Rivista del Nuovo Cimento vol. 13, n. 9 (1990)
  6. Large Harmonic Bunching in a High-Gain Free-Electron Laser, NIM A 293 (1990) 627-629
  7. RF Tests of a Fully Electroformed 500 MHz Four Cell Copper Cavity, EPAC90
  8. Progress Report on SC Cavities for ARES, EPAC90
  9. Tests of the Computer Electronics for the RF System of the Milan K800 Cyclotron, EPAC90
  10. Space Charge Compensated RF Gun: a New Way to Ultra High Brightness Electron Beams, EPAC90
  11. The ELFA Project, EPAC90
  12. Design of the SC Laser Driven Injector for ARES, EPAC90
  13. The ARES Project, EPAC90
  14. Progress Report on the Heavy Ion Facility at LNS, EPAC90
  15. The ELFA Project: Guidelines for a High-Gain FEL with Short Electron Bunches, NIM A 289 (1990) 1-13


INFN Reports

  1. A Theoretical Analysis of the Response of a Double Balanced Mixer for Linearity Improvement of Phase Detection, INFN/TC-90/14
  2. Numerical Simulations for the ARES Superconducting Low Emittance Injector, INFN/TC-90/10
  3. The ARES Superconducting Linac, LNF-90/035(R)
  4. Proposal for a PHI-Factory, LNF-90/031(R)
  5. X-VUV Possible FEL Experiments with the ARES SC Linac, LNF-90/016(R)
  6. ARES Design Study: The Machine, LNF-90/005 (R)
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