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Eurotrans Orsay Meeting

EUROTRANS Task 1.3.3 Meeting

IPN Orsay, France, 14th -15th June 2007



Thursday 14th May - Cryogenic session

09:30 Opening remarks (J-L. Biarrotte, IPN Orsay)

09:45 General overview of Task 1.3.3 with roadmap (P. Pierini, INFN MIlano)

10:15 Status of the preparation of the elliptical cavity system (P. Pierini, INFN Milano)

11:00 Design of the EUROTRANS test cryomodule and status (S. Barbanotti, INFN Milano), incl. discussion

11:30 The CM0 cold box (C. Commeaux, IPN Orsay), incl. discussion

12:00 Status of the power coupler cooling system (M. Souli, IPN Orsay), incl. discussion

14:00 Discussion on cryomodule & cryogenics aspects

16:00 Lab visit, joining our EURISOL colleagues

Friday 15th May - RF session

09:30 Status of SUPRATECH (S. Bousson, IPN Orsay), incl. discussion

10:00 Status of the 704 MHz RF power system (E. Rampnoux & J. Lesrel, IPN Orsay), incl. discussion

11:00 Status of the RF power coupler design & test bench (E. Rampnoux, IPN Orsay), incl. discussion

11:30 Integration of the coupler in the cryomodule, relying on the spoke CM0 and CryHoLab studies (E. Rampnoux & F. Lutton, IPN Orsay), incl. discussion

14:00 Discussion on RF and integration aspects

14:30 General discussion, decisions, road-map update

15:30 Conclusions (P. Pierini & J-L. Biarrotte)

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