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EUROTRANS Cryomodule

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For the EUROTRANS Program (Contract FI6W-516520-EURATOM) a single cavity cryomodule has been designed and is currently under fabrication. The module will be installed at the 700 MHz test stand in IPN-Orsay, where high power 700 MHz 80 kW CW RF station is being set up, along with the necessary cryogenic infrastructures for testing.

The superconducting cavity

The module contains one of the two TRASCO cavity prototypes, an elliptical cavity with a geometrical length for b=0.47 proton beams, that can efficiently operate in the range from 100-200 MeV. The latest cavity status has been presented at PAC09 and EPAC08.


A 3D step model of the cavity dressed with its helium tank and cold tuner is available for download (14 MB).

The cryomodule



The module has been fabricated at the Simic S.p.A. company in Camerana (CN), Italy. The delivery to IPN-Orsay took place in March 2010.

Installation of the cavity in the module

The TRASCO cavity has been integrated in the EUROTRANS module at IPN in March 2010. The module is now waiting for the peparation of the testing area at IPN-Orsay, where it will be connected to the cold box for the starting of the experimental program in Summer 2010.




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