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  • Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare
    Laboratorio Acceleratori e Superconduttività Applicata
    Via Fratelli Cervi, 201
    I-20090 Segrate - Italy
    phone: +390250319560
  • As of May 2015: On leave at DESY until April 2018
    Notkestrasse 85
    D-22607  Hamburg - Germany
    phone: +494089981631



Presentations and Published works

Direct link to my presentations and my publications available on this server.

Query at the CERN Jacow server for papers I have contributed to at accelerator Conferences.

The SPIRES-HEP results of my published papers.

BuildCavity (version 1.4.3)

Long time ago I developed a code that helps in building and tuning multicell elliptical cavities with Superfish. It's based on old VB6 code, but is still in maintenance. The current version is BuildCavity 1.4.3, working with Superfish 7. It can work on later windows systems, such as Win 7 and 8. Download the installation files. During installation, don't overwrite newer system files and simply ignore the warning on the failure to register the DB components. The program gets installed anyhow and the DB access components are in modern windows systems (from XP on) by default.

Changes of the new version can be found here.

You'll also need the most recent version of the cavity DB from here.

And finally, the source code is here, and the manual here.


If you want to analyze only internal half cell geometries with the new and easier .NET version (which does not have multicell capabilities, but one day I may have time for that ...), try it.

Main changes:

  1. new Superfish file formats and options for stepsizes, cell-to-cell coupling evaluation, wsfplot use...
  2. it no longer uses MS Access files for the DB, but XML files
  3. Only internal cells and no ANSYS converter, sorry!
  4. Nerd details: complete rewrite in C#, based on event-rich classes and event-driven object-oriented programming.
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