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Rocco Paparella's Home Page

foto roccoAffiliations

  • Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare
    Laboratorio Acceleratori e Superconduttività Applicata
    Via Fratelli Cervi 201
    I-20090 Segrate - Italy
    phone: +390250319567


1999 - 2004 : Università degli Studi in Milan, Master in Physics

2005 - 2008 : Università degli Studi in Milan, PhD in Applied Physics

Career & Curriculum Vitae

2008 to 2011 : Research fellowship at INFN

2011 to 2017 : Temporary Staff at INFN

2017 to today : Permanent Staff at INFN

Areas of Interest

  • Cavity tuners

  • Control systems and signal processing

Presentations and Published works

Direct link to my presentations and my publications available on this server.

Query at the CERN Jacow server for papers I have contributed to at accelerator Conferences.

The SPIRES-HEP results of my published papers.

Short talk given at the EPAC08 in Genoa, upon accepting the EPS-AG Prize (PDF file, 1.1 MB):
"A control and systems theory approach to the high gradient cavity detuning compensation"

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